Snowden publically supports Reset the Net campaign


Nearly one year to the day since the National Security Agency’s secret spy programs were first exposed through leaked documents, the man responsible or those disclosures has come out and endorsed a new anti-surveillance campaign.Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden — the source of a trove of classified documents that since last June have revealed the inner workings of the United States intelligence community’s vast surveillance apparatus — issued a statement on Wednesday this week in support of the ‘Reset the Net’ campaign scheduled for Thursday, exactly one year after the first news stories stemming from his cache of leaked documents were published.As RT reported previously, several major internet companies, including Reddit, Mozilla and Google, are planning on participating in Thursday’s event by promoting privacy, security and encryption tools on their respective websites. Now in a statement from Snowden himself delivered through his lawyer to the Reset the Net campaign, the NSA leaker says: “Join us on June 5th, and don’t ask for your privacy. Take it back.”

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