NSA blowback: Top 8 political scandals sparked by Snowden leaks


The Snowden revelations hit like a bomb, sending out shrapnel which risked severing US ties with friendly and not-so-friendly states alike. Here are the top eight bilateral debacles sparked by NSA spying, whose fallout could be felt for years to come.One is an economically prosperous island paradise which doesn’t even have a military, the other a landlocked and war-torn nation racked by poverty and an extreme climate. So what could they have in common? Both countries have almost all of their domestic and international calls recorded and stored by the National Security Agency (NSA) for up to 30 days. Rumblings in the Bahamas have been muted, as a nation with roughly the population of St Louis can’t make too many waves with its northern neighbors. The Bahamian minister of national security said he does intend to launch an inquiry into the NSA’s surveillance, though behind the scenes arm-twisting might keep it under wraps. As forAfghanistan, so many literal bombshells have come their way over the past decade, a figurative one is probably the least of their worries). The biggest political fallout from all comes from already NSA-weary western allies, who are asking Washington one simple question: why do you need to record the phone calls of law-abiding citizens in a neighboring state who have about as much experience with terrorism as they do with shoveling snow?

For full report read ….. http://rt.com/news/163396-nsa-snowden-political-scandals


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