2 weeks to prepare for ‘powerful’ virus strike-back in major malware offensive


The UK has warned its computer-users they have two weeks to protect their machines from two powerful viruses, GameOver Zeus and Cryptolocker, after a US-led multinational operation announced a coordinated takedown of malware.There are more than 15,500 computers infected in the UK and many more are at risk, the UK’s National Crime Agency has said, citing “intelligence” assumptions.It “could cost computer users millions of pounds,” the NCA warned.The agency is now “urging the public and small businesses” to consult with the government-backedgetsafeonline.org website.“Nobody wants their personal financial details, business information or photographs of loved ones to be stolen or held to ransom by criminals. By making use of this two-week window, huge numbers of people in the UK can stop that from happening to them,” Deputy Director of the NCA’s Cyber Crime Unit Andy Archibald said.

For full report read …… http://rt.com/news/163168-virus-computer-hackers-warning/


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