First time in 2 mn years, melting Arctic ice threatens mass-scale species contamination


​The world is entering the most significant period of invasive species contamination in two million years as Arctic ice melts away and new shipping routes threaten to open the floodgates between foreign eco systems, causing irreversible damage.This affects a number of species and has happened before, as biologists at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center explain in a recent report. For an example one has only to look at how insects invading trade-rich lands with the aid of humans have ruined local trees. Of all the possible invasive species, insects are the worst. They affect woodland areas, causing massive disruption of eco systems that aren’t ready or even suitable for their presence.But the following event is happening on a new scale, as trading ships carry produce (and unwittingly, animals) with them along two huge shipping routes. The thoughts are published in the journal Nature Climate Change.

For full report read …..


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