Venezuela’s Maduro hits Twitter milestone, still lags mentor Chavez


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has hit a Twitter feed milestone of 2 million followers, though his cyber popularity still lags far behind that of his charismatic predecessor, the late Hugo Chavez.”Today I reached 2 million followers on my Twitter feed that’s been active for barely a year!” he exclaimed during a speech to university students, lauding the follower who propelled him above the mark.”Greetings to Mr. Enver Segundo Medina Dias, of Maracaibo, I’ll see him tomorrow. He’s 53 years old, a compatriot, Evangelical … What was he doing up so late? It was like at 1 a.m. and this man – bam – he logged on.”Maduro, like Chavez, regularly blasts mainstream media as agents of a greedy U.S.-led capitalist system that misrepresents the self-styled Socialist state.Both leaders proved avid users of Twitter, a U.S.-based social networking company known for its service that lets people send and post text messages of 140 characters.

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