Brazil ready to quell protests during World Cup


Brazil has stocked up on riot gear and is ready to deploy police and military forces to contain anti-government protests expected during the 32-nation World Cup soccer championship starting next month, authorities said on Friday.Brazilian officials believe the protests will be smaller than the massive demonstrations that unexpectedly erupted in June of last year during a warm-up event for the World Cup.The protests by Brazilians angered by the excessive cost of building the World Cup stadiums in a developing country with deficient public services have continued this year, but they have become less spontaneous and more violent.World soccer body FIFA is worried that a resurgence of the demonstrations could disrupt the games.The tournament will be played in 12 Brazilian cities between June 12 to July 13 and watched by billions of TV viewers around the globe. Some 600,000 foreign fans are expected to travel to Brazil to see their teams play.

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