FBI plans crackdown on cyber crime, with arrests imminent


The Federal Bureau of Investigation will aggressively crack down on cyber crime over the next few weeks, with a bureau official advising the public to anticipate indictments, searches, and multiple arrests.Robert Anderson Jr. told the Reuters Cybersecurity Summit in Washington on Wednesday that the bureau has revamped its focus on cyber crime and will show a “much more offensive side” to its enforcement efforts soon.“There is a philosophy change. If you are going to attack Americans, we are going to hold you accountable,” he said. “If we can reach out and touch you, we are going to reach out and touch you.”FBI director James Comey appointed Anderson as the executive assistant director of cyber enforcement at the bureau in March, putting him in charge of international operations and critical incident response, among other duties. Before taking his current post, Anderson oversaw counter intelligence and espionage investigation at the FBI, and seems to have brought that mentality to his current responsibility.

For full report read ….. http://rt.com/usa/159044-fbi-cyber-crackdown-arrests-imminent/


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