DARPA’s flying Humvee project takes flight


A new US military project looking to combine a ground vehicle and a helicopter has been generating online buzz. The new technology, which so far has surpassed initial expectations, could well be performing rescue and supply missions in the future.Advanced Tactics, an El Segundo, California-based aerospace engineering company that specializes in the “development of next-generation military and civil vehicle technologies,” released a new video Tuesday of the “Black Knight.” Part transport vehicle and part helicopter, the Black Knight is categorized as a so-called “transforming vehicle” that hopes to function on the ground and in the air.The project started as a proof of concept for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), although many have wondered if the project was ever expected to surpass the principle feasibility test. If the military currently has any intention to deploy a fleet of Black Knights, they are unknown.

For full report read ……. http://rt.com/usa/157244-flying-army-truck-viral/


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