Russia’s warnings of inter-ethnic violence in Ukraine come to fruition


The Friday deaths of at least 31 anti-government activists in a fire started by ultra-nationalists in Odessa is the kind of inter-ethnic violence that Russia has warned about for months, Mark Sleboda, a senior lecturer of international affairs, told RT.The Moscow State University instructor spoke to RT about the violent scene in Odessa, where anti-government protesters were forced into the Trade Unions House by Right Sector militias who were bussed in from western Ukraine. The ultra-nationalists then set fire to the building, leading to a horrific death for dozens.“Of those that survived – either by escaping the building or jumping out of the windows – some of them were then made to crawl on their hands and knees, despite suffering from burns, through a gauntlet, a corridor of shame by these ultra-nationalists, who were then beating them,” Sleboda said, adding that there is video footage of the beatings.

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