FL conservatives push for anti-Sharia legislation


Florida conservatives, evidently alarmed by changing social and income demographics, are pushing legislation to combat what they say is the attempted indoctrination of American students with Islamic ideology.Lawmakers are currently considering a so-called “anti-Sharia bill” which passed through the state Senate with a 24-14 vote on Monday. Sharia, which varies between cultures, is the basic path which devout Muslims try to follow. The rules, while strict by Western standards, often stretch past the confines of a mosque and regulate aspects of secular law, including crime, public policy, sex, diet, and economics.“Those people who want to come to America, we welcome them, but when you come to America, you are going to be governed under American laws, when you come to Florida you are going to be governed by Florida laws, and we ought not to apologize for that,” Sen. Alan Hays, a Republican, told the Orlando Sentinel after the bill passed through the state Senate.

For full report read …… http://rt.com/usa/156036-one-nation-allah-pledge-hysteria/


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