NETmundial: Internet must remain free of government meddling and should be run ‘by all’


Netmundial, a global conference on the future of the internet, has wrapped up in Sao Paulo with most participants agreeing that the internet should be free of government regulation and should be a fully self-regulated space.The two-day forum in Sao Paulo was called by Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff following the outrage sparked by allegations of mass global surveillance by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden last year.It emerged through Snowden’s leaks that Rousseff’s own communications were targeted by the US, which immediately led the Brazilian president to call for the United Nations to put together a new global legal system to manage the internet.“Internet governance should be multipartite, transparent and open to all. The participation of governments should occur with equality so that no country has more weight than others,” Rousseff said in a speech opening the conference, which was attended by officials from 80 countries.

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