‘NATO spies’? Slavyansk self-defense forces keep foreign military inspectors detained


The Slavyansk self-defense forces will not immediately release the foreign military observers whom they detained Friday. At the moment the militia considers the officers NATO spies.As the militia refused let the detainees leave, Russia said it will make every effort to ensure the release of the foreign experts.“We believe that those people should be released as soon as possible,” said Russia’s envoy to the Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Andrey Kelin. “Just like all other members of the organization, we are concerned with the developments.”“Their detention would not help with defusing the tension on the ground and deescalating the conflict,” he added.The group of eight foreign military observers and four Ukrainian military guides was touring eastern Ukraine under the Vienna document of 2011, an international agreement that regulates inspections of military objects by members of the OSCE.

For full report read ….. http://rt.com/news/155056-ukraine-military-observers-slavyansk/


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